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Class Packages to Suit Your Needs!

Yoga Anytime! Package: $50 / Month

The Ultimate Value!

This package now has a few upgrades!

The Yoga Anytime! Package includes all Zoom classes, plus gives you access to the Yoga V.O.D. Page. I will be adding two more videos to the monthly library, bringing the total to 6! PLUS, each month you can schedule a PERSONAL YOGA SESSION with me! This session will be tailored to YOU and can be done via Zoom OR in-person. Would you like a vigorous vinyasa? Maybe a restorative yoga session? Maybe you have noticed that your shoulders have been really tight and want to do some shoulder opening poses. Or we can work on a specific area of yoga that usually isn't touched on during a class, such as bandhas. You will also have the option to bring a friend to this personal session for only $10.

Live Zoom Package: $40 / Month

This package includes all Find Your Center Zoom classes each month.

Yard Yoga Package: $20 / Month

This package includes all Yard Yoga Classes each month and is only available May through August.

In case of inclement weather, Yard Yoga will be moved to Zoom, with notification via email.

Four Pack: $35

This package can be used for Zoom Classes and Yard Yoga.

There is no expiration date, so this is a great option for people with unpredictable schedules!

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